Incision-Free Ablative Interventions, With Vision

A New Paradigm To Treat Disease

Real-time Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging, thermal ultrasound and closed-loop temperature feedback

Profound Medical is the only company to merge these three powerful modalities into customizable, incision-free therapy platforms.

Customized Therapies For Your Patient Needs

Your Patient’s Life Should Not Have To Change

That is why Profound Medical offers customizable incision-free therapies which:

  • have the flexibility to treat different types of patients and
  • have the flexibility to treat each patient differently.


CAUTION: TULSA-PRO® is approved for commercial sale in the USA (K191200) & EU (CE 2797). Rx only device.

For all other Regulatory jurisdictions, please contact us at for more information regarding the regulatory status of the device.