Incision-Free Ablative
Intervention, with Vision

Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation of the Prostate that aims to maintain quality of life and provides the ability to treat a broad spectrum of patients.

Unleashing the Benefit of Precision and Accuracy


A patient-centric solution, robotically controlled by physicians that prioritizes patient well-being, while ensuring precise and accurate treatment delivery of the targeted disease from inside-out, utilizing real-time MRI imaging.
TULSA-PRO® is CE marked, Health Canada approved, and 510(k) cleared by
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”).


The TULSA Procedure offers customizable treatment planning and 360-degree targeting capability, providing physicians with the flexibility to ablate prescribed tissue volumes in men with localized prostate cancer, prostate cancer combined with obstructive BPH, localized radiorecurrent prostate cancer, or large volume BPH.


Real-time MRI temperature monitoring enables gradual, gentle heating of prostate tissue to achieve cell death, degree by degree. TULSA-PRO uses this closed-loop feedback to ensure ablation accuracy by automatically adjusting the energy throughout the procedure.


The TULSA procedure has demonstrated durable efficacy and safety, supported by 20+ clinical publications with up to 5-year outcomes.


Patient safety is paramount in the TULSA Procedure. With MRI guidance, real-time monitoring, and precise control, the treatment is administered accurately, minimizing complications and prioritizing the well-being of the patient.

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Profound Medical Announces New CPT® Category 1 Codes from the AMA for TULSA to Treat Prostate Diseases

June 02, 2023  | Source: Profound Medical Corp. Follow

“We are honored that the TULSA application was approved by the AMA’s CPT® Editorial Panel for Category I code status,” said Profound’s CEO and Chairman, Arun Menawat. “The establishment of these permanent codes specific to TULSA is a critical milestone for the broader adoption of the technology to treat prostate diseases in the United States.

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Contouring Assistant, the latest AI feature of TULSA-PRO, is now FDA 510(k) cleared and available only in the US market.  Contact the Profound team to learn more.